Tuesday, March 07, 2017

March 10th Stirling Workshop on Valuation and Well-Being

Workshop on Valuation and Well-Being 

On March 10th, we will host a workshop on valuation and well-being in Stirling University. Those with an interest in the area are welcome to attend. There is no registration fee but places are limited by space and we would ask people to register in advance at the following link. The preliminary programme is below and will be updated shortly.

Scope of Workshop 

The key aim of the workshop is to advance understanding of the comparison between different methods of revealing preferences and valuations for public and private goods. One key aspect of this is to understand how well-being and stated preferences measures compare and contrast. While there has been some literature on this, there is still a lot needed to be learned about this comparison. Furthermore, we would like to understand what new methods such as the day reconstruction method contribute to understanding about revealed preference.

- Comparing well-being and stated preference measures to value cultural and heritage goods
- Using day reconstruction methods to develop new measures of well-being and revealed preference
- The potential for validated mental health measures to be used in valuing public goods
- Examining psychological features of stated preference elicitation
- Comparing revealed and stated preference measures


9am to 915am: Opening and Introduction: Liam Delaney (University College Dublin).

9.15 to 10am: Nick Hanley (St Andrews): “Emotions, personality and stated choices for environmental public goods”, (with Christopher and Mikolaj Czajkowski.)

10am to 1045am: Mirko Moro (Stirling): "Valuing the Environment using Well-Being Data".


11am to 11.45: David Comerford (Stirling): "Inferring Preferences from Choice Data: The Role of Act Utility". (with Leo Lades).

11.45 to 1230: Susana Mourato (LSE): "Well-Being and Stated Preference Approaches for Valuing Cultural and Heritage Goods".

1230 to 130: Lunch 

1.30 to 2.15: Leo Lades (Stirling): "Assessing subjective well-being when preferences are dynamically inconsistent" (with Liam Delaney).

2.15 to 3pm: Verity Watson (Aberdeen): "Using social psychology to improve stated preference responses: Evidence from the lab".

3pm to 345pm: Professor Danny Campbell (Stirling); "Response latency in stated preference surveys: does it matter?".

Conclusion and Keynote: Glenn Harrison (George State University).

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