Monday, October 24, 2016

Some Updates

From January 2017, I will rejoin the faculty in UCD. I will post a detailed update on that here soon (UCD announcement here). We will begin a new MSc in Behavioural Economics in Dublin in September 2017 and I am hoping to develop a full national centre in behavioural science and policy over a three year period there.

Stirling will shortly advertise for a Professor in Behavioural Economics/Behavioural Science, and I look forward to collaborating with people here long into the future. We already have several workshops and projects in development.

I have been thinking about the blog and the more astute readers will notice the title change. We are still arguing about the Oxford comma insertion but, other than that, I don't propose to make many changes. We will add a tab for the Dublin group shortly. I will encourage people from Dublin and Stirling to make posts. In general, I have tried on a few occasions to make this a multi-centre and multi-contributor blog and will keep that open as a possibility.

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