Tuesday, August 30, 2016

MSc Behavioural Science Dissertation Titles

Below are many of the dissertation titles from our MSc class in the last three years (chosen as the ones I happen to have on my email rather than for any systematic reason). Was a fascinating mix of work and gives a sense of the type of topics people here have been addressing.

Reported gender discrimination:  A between countries study of women in STEM and health occupations.

Public attitudes and snoopers:  A study on terrorism priming effects on public acceptance of the draft investigatory powers bill.

The effect of temporal distance on consumer purchasing decisions:  A discrete choice experimental approach.

Do people like self-control?  Using a day reconstruction method to investigate the extent to which people like to control themselves.

Self-control and media use: The role of implementation intentions and commitment devices in procastinatory media use.

Traffic light labelling: A choice based and ratings based conjoint analysis of the size manipulation of colour codes and the provision of TFL key card information on food choices and health value.

Promoting household recycling in Singapore's public housing estate:  Testing a habit change intervention in a quasi-experimental field study.

Nudge at the end of the rainbow: attitudes to nudging in South Africa.

A matter of life and death:  The effects of priming life expectancy on pensions decumulation decisions.

Discretionary savings and individual subjective perceptions in the UK.

Rewarding Altruistic Motives and Valuable Services: The Role of Gratitude in Understanding Consumer Psychology and Behavior.

Lay Rationalism's influence on Material Versus Experiential Preferences and Experienced Outcomes: Maximising Happiness or Good Economic Use of Money.

Smartphone Use, Work-Home Interference and Subjective Well-being.

A review of behavioral insights into at-retirement decision making in the UK context: Framing and fund allocation decisions.

Stick or Twist?  The power of defaults and anchoring in auto-enrolment pension schemes.

Non-cognitive personality predictors of job satisfaction across gender and facets of human capital, and relationships between career progression and life satisfaction.

Future orientation as a determinant of human capital: a behavioural scientific analysis on the impact of the delay of gratification on human capital development.

Associations between childhood self-regulation and adult socioeconomic status: evidence from the British Cohort Study.

Exploring the personality profile of the "green consumer" - explaining individual heterogeneity in willingness to pay for environmentally friendly goods.

Can our social proof heuristic and health priming increase healthy food choices and preference for healthy foods?

Applying behavioural economics to understand and change savings behaviours.

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