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Stirling Management Unemployment Research Workshop November 16th

See below for the provisional schedule of a workshop we will host in Stirling on November 16th on the work we are conducting in the areas of unemployment and precarious employment. Registration is free but places are limited due to the space so we ask you to register in advance on the eventbrite page.


12pm - 1215pm: Opening and Objectives

1215pm - 1230pm: David Bell "Topics in Employment and Underemployment". (Joint with David Blanchflower).

1230pm - 1245pm: Sharon Bolton: "Precarious employment". (Joint with Darren McGuire, Lila Skountridaki, Kerstin Maier Barcroft, Knut Laaser).

1245pm - 1pm: Paul Thompson: "Dimensions of Underemployment".

1pm-115pm: Liam Delaney: "Benefits sanctions: ethics and evidence". (Joint with Mirko Moro, Michael Daly, Christopher Boyce, Alex Wood).

115pm- 2pm: Lunch

2pm-215pm: Elaine Douglas: "Aging and Employment: Haggis as Data Source". (Joint with David Bell).

215pm-230pm: Ron McQuaid: "Unemployment policies and the Work Programme".


245pm - 3pm: Christopher Boyce: "Unemployment and Personality". (Joint with Michael Daly, Alex Wood).

3pm - 315pm: Tanya Wilson: "Domestic Violence and Unemployment".

315pm - 330pm: Victoria Mousteri: "Precarious employment and mental health". (Joint with Liam Delaney, Michael Daly).


345pm - 430pm: Panel on developing research and policy on unemployment and precarious employment.

Online Resources and Background to Stirling Research 

Below is a set of links to papers, reports and mentions of research on unemployment that has been undertaken here in Stirling over the last 8 years or so. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list and I will add to it over the next few months. We have also run several workshops and seminars in this area (recent one here). We will announce soon a workshop on youth unemployment in Europe and I very much welcome suggestions. We are also currently advertising PhD studentships, two of which are relevant to this agenda. 

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[Media coverage of this paper in the Daily Mail, www.managers.co.uk, STV News, Science Daily, Business Insider]

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[Media coverage of this paper at Psychology Today ]

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[Media coverage of this paper on PsychCentral ,Herald Scotland, Psychological Science, Medical Daily]

Daly, M., Delaney., L., Egan., M., & Baumeister, R. (2015). Childhood self-control and unemployment throughout the life span: evidence from two British cohort studies. Psychological Science, 26(6):709-23.

[Media coverage of this paper in the Independent and at Science Daily]

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[Feature on this paper on UK Data Service, Fair Play for Children]

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[Media coverage of this paper at Science Daily

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Bell & Blanchflower


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Mentions of Bell and Blanchflower work on youth unemployment in Hansard:

Hansard House of Commons Debates, 6th July 2009, Volume No. 495, Part No. 106, column 724: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200809/cmhansrd/cm090706/debtext/90706-0008.htm

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Examples of press and blog reports of Bell and Blanchflower work on youth unemployment.

Jan 2016. The walled world of work. The Economist.

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