Saturday, January 02, 2016

Scottish Institute for Research in Economics

The Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE) has had a disproportionate role in the development of this research centre. SIRE is a collaboration of eight Scottish universities formed in 2005 to improve Economics research in Scotland building on the long tradition of Economics in Scotland. It funded the first three years of my appointment and, in general, made possible the role that I applied for. SIRE also funded our first workshop in behavioural science which allowed us to build some presence in this area. By September 2013 a number of faculty members and PhD students in this area had joined Stirling and SIRE funding enabled us to bring George Loewenstein, Peter Ubel and a range of other speakers to Stirling for our first major international event in this area. Since then we have also hosted two other SIRE-funded workshops and three SIRE early career projects. In general, SIRE has been pivotal to the development of this area in Stirling and has also funded behavioural economics and behavioural finance events in Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Glasgow. 

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