Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18th Links

Apologies that blogging has not been as frequent this term but am hoping now to start again more frequently. Suggestions always welcome.

1. Details of our upcoming workshop on economics and psychology of self-control are available here.

2. Our evolving programme for 2016 is available here.

3. Fascinating historical work by Warwick Prof Mark Harrison on KGB use of personalised messages to influence behaviour. It is interesting to study how different regimes use such techniques in different contexts.

4. Anne Case and Angus Deaton's recent PNAS paper documenting increasing all-cause morbidity among mid-life Whites in the US is a striking piece of work. Would be good to do an online journal club on this work and discuss the implications.

5. BIT blogpost updating on pension autoenrolment in the UK. This is arguably the most important policy to date to have been influenced by the literature in behavioural economics and the progress of this is worth tracking for anyone interested in the area.

6. Speaking of BIT - they are hiring again. Currently two Stirling MSc graduates working there.

7. Cass Sunstein's Dublin talk - "Is behavioural science compatible with democracy?"

8. The 2015 CRISP lecture - 'Humanity vs Surveillance' - will take place Mon 23 Nov, 6:30pm

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