Sunday, November 01, 2015

February 26th Workshop on Behavioural Science, Measurement and Policy

This workshop addresses innovations in measurement in population surveys. We examine a number of key themes in the development of innovative and pragmatic survey design including: (i) the use of short-form psychometric measures, item banks and wearable devices to measure behaviour, attitudes, and health and well-being in a brief-yet-precise manner and (ii) the use of administrative data linkage to economic, education, and health databases to capitalise more fully on the information collected in large-scale government surveys which can be used to address policy questions. In addition, this workshop will consider ethical and privacy considerations, the extent to which participants will give accurate responses, the potential impact of measurement in a policy context on subsequent behaviour and the traits and behaviours that are particularly important to measure in different policy contexts. This workshop aims to promote improvement of research practice through bringing experts in measurement directly together with people conducting policy trials to promote best-practice. Programme details to be made available here shortly.

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