Monday, September 14, 2015

Second Dublin BE Meet-up

New: Mailing List and Website for Irish Behavioural Science, Economics and Policy Network

Since 2008 a number of us have organised an annual conference for people working at the interface of economics, psychology and related areas. Speakers have included international thought-leaders in this area including David Laibson, David Halpern, Robert Sugden, Arie Kapteyn, Ruth Byrne and John O'Doherty as well a diverse range of speakers from across economics, psychology and policy in Ireland and they have contributed to maintaining an active discussion of the potential for this area in Ireland. The next one will take place at the ESRI in Dublin on November 27th. At the previous session we agreed to organise some more adhoc meet-ups in between the events partly to disseminate new ideas and also with a view to establishing a more structured network in this area in Ireland.

The first of these meetings took place in Dublin on July 22nd organised by myself and Sean Gill.  There were 4 presentations from myself, Pete Lunn, Michael Daly and Sean Gill and discussion about future events and the role of behavioural economics more generally. Meet-ups around this area are now taking place in several cities including London and Sydney. There are many people interested in this broad area in Dublin and Ireland more generally as was reflected in the healthy attendance from academia, policy and business. This is intended to a broad forum and we welcome attendance and contribution from academics interested in exchanging ideas with a broad audience, people across different areas including students and people with business and policy interests in this area. For now we envisage the events being structured around short talks where a speaker describes briefly an idea they are working on or thinking about and potentially some suggestions for collaboration. Though there are many other event formats that could be considered.

The next one will take place on September 30th at 6.30pm. Our three speakers are Kenneth McKenzie from Target McConnells, Anne-Marie Farrell from Google and Gerard O'Neill from Amarach Research. 

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