Thursday, August 06, 2015

Links 6th August

1. Very interesting paper on social class, personality and economic outcomes. The results accord with many projects I have read or being involved with. Personality can predict many economic outcomes but it does not explain the differences in these outcomes between people born to different social circumstances though some interactions may be operant. It is really important that the literature comes to grips with this to avoid a crude individualisation of the factors that drive economic outcomes.

2. House of Lords Select Committee call for evidence on "How can young people be best prepared for the world of work?"

3. New centre papers:- Daly, Delaney & Baumeister on self-control, future orientation & differential effects of smoking laws Delaney and Lades "Present-bias & everyday self-control failures"

4. Very interesting paper in Health Economics on effect of lottery wins on physical and mental health

5. NHS Scotland paper on reducing health inequalities 

6. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: An Anthology

7. Cornaglia et al "Mental Health & Education Decisions". The predictive power of very short mental health screens among adolescents for outcomes such as education completion and education is striking.

8. Cass Sunstein Nudging and choice architecture: ethical considerations

9. FCA & UK govt responses to recent WP committee report on auto-enrolment & pension reforms.

10. The debate about the use of sanctions in welfare policy is very active in the UK. Guardian piece here charting the rise in the use of sanctions over the last 5 years.

11. Positive affect as coercive strategy: conditionality, activation & the role of psychology in UK government workfare - this is a thought-provoking piece that should be read by anyone interested in the area of well-being interventions in unemployment settings.

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