Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Links on Self-Control

Via Michael Daly below some useful links for those looking to get a start on the self-control literature. Our own recent piece on childhood self-control and unemployment is available here.

Terrie Moffitt on self-control

The obvious one, marshmallow experiment!

There are various videos on this including this highly viewed one below -

It's by Walter Mischel who has written a book on the topic -

They followed the kinds up from late 60's - early 70's to recently

More recent study that has been covered widely with a larger sample, more comprehensive measures and outcomes:

Commentary by Angela Duckworth:

Piece on this in American Scientist:

Prof Angela Duckworth's page, she researches self-control and 'grit':

Prof Duckworth has a TED talk video on grit:

Both self-control and related ideas like grit were covered in this v.good book:

Roy Baumeister has a book on self-control also and is probably the main self-control researcher worldwide. His research is mainly lab studies and related to the 'depletion' model of self-control or willpower as a limited resource.

Good summary in this video:

There are a couple of self-control labs in Europe. A prominent one is below. They are looking at the idea that people with high self-control are proactive in avoiding tempting situations and distraction which may explain why they are successful:

There is some evidence the Perry Preschool Programme (evaluation led by Nobel winner James Heckman) could have had its positive effect by influencing traits related to self-control:

One of the most interesting recent studies on training patience is here:

Some other interventions that are effective:

General evidence based tips for training self-control-

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