Saturday, March 07, 2015

Weekends Links: 4000th Blogpost

This is the 4000th post on this blog! Suggestions for developing further always welcome and thanks for reading and to the others for posting.

1. Useful one from last year. "Nudging Safer Road Behaviours".

2. "Would you like to know what makes people happy? An overview of the data sets on subjective well-being". Very useful paper by Nick Powdhatvee

3. Video, audio, and slides available from last week’s Irish Economic Policy Conference #ieconf 2015.

4. New ESRC Ethics Guidelines 

5. Programme for the Centre for Longitudinal Cohort Studies conference on March 16th/17th.

6. Recent RAND research on mental health in the UK.

7. The Financial Conduct Authority occasional papers are extremely useful and also give a sense of the extent to which behavioural ideas are becoming routinely debated in financial regulation in the UK.

8. Deaton/Tortora "People In Sub-Saharan Africa Rate Their Health And Health Care Among The Lowest In The World". Relevant to the debate about use of subjective measures, adaptation etc.,

9. RAND blog on the link between cigarette companies and schools in China.

10. Our MSc in Behavioural Science currently taking applications 

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