Saturday, February 07, 2015

Weekend Links February 7th 2015

1. Will be bringing our online journal clubs back shortly. See the list of papers we went through during the last time period we did this.

2. Cass Sunstein has been putting out a high volume of seriously interesting papers over the last couple of years. So frequently that worth checking his twitter account every couple of weeks.

3. Thanks to Leo for suggesting the Dark Patterns website for examples of user interfaces designed to potentially confuse consumers. Suggestions for other sites that do things like this would be welcome (Phil, a PhD student here, has thought a lot about this e.g. here).

4. How many adolescents are depressed?

5. Thanks to Phil for pointing to this great quote from Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit on Irving Fisher's view of the importance of self-control for economic progress.

6. Aguila, Kapteyn and Smith PNAS "Effects of income supplementation on health of the poor elderly: The case of Mexico"

7. Very useful Raj Chetty talk on behavioural economics and public policy summarised by @ideas42

8. UCD's Karl Whelan thoughtful post about how Economics should be taught.

9. Recent short interview with Prof Richard Layard on happiness and mental health.

10. 2015 IZA Discussion papers so far.

11. RAND Behavioural Finance conference page treasure trove for people interested in behavioural finance, regulation etc

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