Sunday, October 19, 2014

PhD Research at the Centre

Our research centre currently has 9 PhD students who are either taking a PhD in Economics or a PhD in Behavioural Science. The centre structure is such that PhD students, research fellows and faculty work closely together on a variety of research questions. Some of the PhD students are also directly integrated into the Economics and/or Management divisions of our School of Management. Our centre meets weekly followed by an external seminar. There are also regular workshops and training events and informal peer-learning sessions including a regular STATA users group meeting. Most of our students are located in Stirling with dedicated office-space but we also have some students who are working part-time and we are willing to discuss this option. A very detailed overview of how PhD research is conducted here is available on this web page and it is worth studying carefully if you are thinking of applying to work with us. Furthermore we strongly encourage people to look at the publications page of our webpage to ensure that the type of work we are doing is interesting to you (interesting enough that you are willing to spend 3 or 4 years of your career and beyond working on similar work!).

For those wishing to secure funding to conduct their PhD from September 2015, it is worth starting this process early as funding deadlines tend to be early in 2015. The key funder for social science PhDs in the UK is the ESRC. The website for the Scottish branch of this funding is available here.  For those wishing to apply, the relevant pathways for our group are Economics, Business/Management and Advanced Quantitative Social Science. Economics does not have a residency requirement but most of the pathways are limited to UK residents and you should check this carefully to make sure you are eligible. Given the limited availability of PhD funding in the UK, self-funding is another option.

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