Monday, June 09, 2014

Goldman Sach's World Cup 2014 predictions

With the World Cup starting in a few days I thought I'd highlight that Goldman Sachs have a 67 page report called "The World Cup and Economics 2014". Selected highlights below.

1. Here is the World Cup 2014 Dream Team, as selected by Goldman's clients:

2. Groups and statistics (GS Probability is the Goldman Sach's predicted probability of winning the tournament I think).

3. Predicted knockout rounds and their prediction of Brazil as the winner.

The report also has an interview with Franz Beckenbauer, a discussion of the method used to create their statistical model and many other things. Check it out.


Michael Daly said...

Confidence in Brazil to win is very high. Wonder have they put any money behind this given the odds are 3/1 and they think it is closer to 2/1.

Goldman Sachs clients selection... not the folk I'd usually be asking for soccer advice, or advice on any non-financial matter but looks good!

Mark Egan said...

After last night perhaps they know something about the refereeing Brazil is likely to receive that we don't