Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Center for the Economics of Human Development launched in Chicago

The University of Chicago has opened a new institute called the Center for the Economics of Human Development. James Heckman is the Centre Director and there is a list of staff here. The foundation of the centre follows Heckman's and colleagues' many papers in recent years on the formation of human capital and skill development. From the site:

"The mission of the Center for the Economics of Human Development is to advance knowledge that fosters human flourishing by identifying sources of disadvantage and promoting equality of opportunity. The Center will produce empirical and theoretical research that integrates ideas and methods across the social and natural sciences to create rigorous evidence for public policy.

Professor Heckman's research focuses on the economics of human development. This integrated developmental approach involves an understanding across the lifecourse, and includes early childhood and adolescence, inequality and intergenerational mobility, employment, health and crime. This analysis incorporates the study of the development of cognitive skills, abilities and health capacities. Professor Heckman's research utilizes longitudinal studies to determine effective policy and program design and implementation. His interdisciplinary approach captures the key elements that lead to human flourishing."

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