Saturday, March 22, 2014

Links of the Week (22/3/14)

1. Hetschko et al (2013), Changing Identity: Retiring From Unemployment, The Economic Journal
"Using German panel data, we show that unemployed people are, on average, less satisfied with their life than employed people, but they report a substantial increase in their life satisfaction upon retirement. We interpret this finding using identity theory. Retirement raises the identity utility of the unemployed because it changes the social norms they are supposed to adhere to. The social norm for people of working age prescribes that able-bodied people should be employed, whereas the social norm for the retired does not contain such expectations. Findings for various subgroups are consistent with that interpretation."

2. Behavioural economics and public policy (Tim Harford, FT)

3. Data Colada on pre-registration for experiments

4. Lewandowsky et al. (2014), The Subterranean War on Science
"This article surveys some of the principal techniques by which the authors have been harassed; namely, cyber-bullying and public abuse; harassment by vexatious freedom-of-information (FOI) requests, complaints, and legal threats or actions; and perhaps most troubling, by the intimidation of journal editors who are acting on manuscripts that are considered inconvenient by deniers. The uniformity with which these attacks are pursued across several disciplines suggests that their motivation is not scientific in nature."

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