Friday, January 31, 2014

Links of the Week (31/1/14)

1. The Cult of Overwork, The New Yorker

2. Indecision blog interview with Tom Wein
"We speak to Tom Wein who is a behavioural change consultant who has led major primary research projects to tackle counter-radicalization, aid security sector reform, plan public diplomacy efforts and design communication strategies. He currently works on behavioural change for national security, principally for the consultancy SCL. He read War Studies at King’s College, London, and has also worked for the European Defence Agency in Brussels as a communications consultant."

3. The Changing Face of Psychology, Guardian Science
"A growing number of psychologists are fed up with results that don’t replicate, journals that value story-telling over truth, and an academic culture in which researchers treat data as their personal property. Psychologists are realising that major scientific advances will require us to stamp out malpractice, face our own weaknesses, and overcome the ego-driven ideals that maintain the status quo. Here are five key developments to watch in 2014."

4. Public Policy and the Brain: Papers and Supplementary Resources
Selected papers from a September 2013 conference at Harvard Law School.

5. Well-being and Economics: Lecture notes from the Stirling MSc Behavioural Science
Now substantially revised.

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