Monday, December 30, 2013

ESRC Collaborative PhD Award Competition

The Collaborative Award Competition
The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is delighted to announce that the Collaborative Competition will run again in 2014. Up to 9 PhD studentships in social science subjects will be co-funded. The awards will likely commence in October 2014.

Proposals from academics across the SGS-DTC accredited pathways are welcome.

‘Collaborative’ is defined broadly and covers collaboration with private sector companies, public sector bodies or voluntary organisations. The SGS-DTC Board has allocated up to 9 awards to the collaborative studentship competition for 2014.

Time Frame
Deadline for applications: Mon 10 February 2014

Decisions communicated to applicants: Mon 10 March 2014

Further Details
Interested parties should download and read the guidance notes.

The application form is available for download here.

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