Sunday, September 15, 2013

Symposium on Financial Incentives: Some links

Below are some relevant links to speakers and papers from last Friday's symposium. Thanks to David Comerford for excellent organisation and Aisling Ni Chonaire, Bernardo Nunes and Mark Egan for helping out a lot on the day. We will add more links on this page during the week. Also, we will post details of upcoming workshops on this blog. We have recently received funding for a set of six international workshops on behavioural science that will begin in January 2014.

1. Ruth Hunter from Queens University Belfast "Physical activity loyalty cards for behavioural change"

2. Jonathan James from University of Bath "Changing EatingHabits –A Field Experiment in Primary Schools"!/fileManager/MicheleBelot_June2013.pdf

3. Dan Connolly from ideas42 "Financial incentives improve accuracy of political judgments"

4. David Meads from University of Leeds "A contingent valuation study of financial incentives for health behavior change"

5. Mirjam Plantinga from University of Groningen "Financial incentives and stigma"

6. Marianne Promberger from Kings College, London "Perceived coerciveness of rewards for medical treatment"

7. Peter Ubel from Duke University

Professor Ubel's book "Critical Decisions"

8. Jean Adams from Newcastle University "A meta-analysis of financial incentives to encourage uptake of healthy behaviours",3447,en.html

9. Nicola Lacetera from University of Toronto "Economic rewards to motivate blood donations"

10. George Loewenstein from Carnegie Mellon

"Using Decision Errors to help people" is Chapter 21 in Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy

Other papers:

The conference hashtag is a good way to check interesting comments & quotes:

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