Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November 8th Workshop on Behavioural Economics, Policy and Business

On November 8th, the Stirling Behavioural Science Centre will hold a targeted workshop on “Behavioural Economics, Policy and Business” in Stirling University. The event begins at 2pm and ends at 4.15pm and there will be coffee in advance. The venue is Stirling University Cottrell Building Court Room and further directions will be provided.

If you wish to attend the workshop please sign-up here:

Day Plan

The session will begin with five applications of behavioural science currently being pursued at our research centre.

1pm - 2pm: Coffee

2pm - 2.10pm: Overview

2.10pm - 2.25pm: Behavioural Economics, Well-Being and Unemployment (Professor Liam Delaney)

2.25pm - 2.40pm: Rank-Based Social Norms Interventions (Professor Alex Wood)

2.40pm - 2.55pm: Childhood self-control and later life outcomes (Dr. Michael Daly)

2.55pm - 3.10pm: New measures of consumer sentiment (Dr. David Comerford)

3.10pm - 3.25pm: A database of Nudge studies (Mark Egan, PhD student)

3.25pm - 4.25pm: A wide ranging panel discussion will follow, addressing such questions as:

- What aspects of behavioural economics should particularly interest business people? For example, how is behavioural economics relevant to product development, advertising and marketing? What are the potential regulatory changes emerging from this literature?

- Why should policymakers care about behavioural economics? What is the relevance of behavioural economics to such questions as how we should design taxation and regulation?

- What has this new literature to say about economic policy in Scotland and RUK?

There will also be a Q&A session and ample opportunity for audience participation.

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