Sunday, September 01, 2013

MSc Behavioural Science

Our MSc programmes starts the week beginning the 9th with a range of induction activities and initial lectures and classes. The programme co-ordinator is Michael Daly and a number of us, including myself, will be giving lectures and co-ordinating modules. Where I think it might be of interest to people beyond the MSc I will post material here. The modules for the upcoming term are below (short descriptions here). Previous journal and book clubs we have run here give a sense of the type of work that will be covered during the journal sessions.

BSMP11 Behavioural Economics I: Concepts and Theories

BSMP10 Behavioural Science for Business and Economics

BSMP12 The Person in Context

HPSP13 Quantitative Analysis

BSMP11S Behavioural Economics Seminar (including external speakers, applied behavioural economics project development, and thesis development).

Also external seminars and workshop sessions that will form part of the 'Behavioural Science Seminar Series and Journal Club' will be updated here. These sessions are for both members of the research center and students on the MSc programme.

For policy and business readers, we welcome ideas for mutually beneficial interactions such as internships, thesis projects based on specific areas of concern and so on.

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