Friday, September 27, 2013

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance

The area of Behavioral Finance and the related area of Experimental Finance are now fully accepted as mainstream approaches within finance. Behavioral and experimental finance therefore represent lenses and approaches through which we can view financial decision-making. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality research in the fields of corporate finance, asset pricing, financial econometrics, international finance, personal financial decision making, macro-finance, banking and financial intermediation, capital markets, risk management and insurance, derivatives, quantitative finance, corporate governance and compensation, investments, market mechanisms, SME and microfinance and entrepreneurial finance, where such research is carried out with a behavioral perspective and/or is carried out via experimental methods.

The journal aims to provide a single source for the latest research in these areas. It is open to but not limited to papers which cover investigations of biases, the role of various neurological markers in financial decision making, national and organizational culture as it impacts financial decision making, sentiment and asset pricing, the design and implementation of experiments to investigate financial decision making and trading, methodological experiments, and natural experiments. Although primarily empirical, it welcomes theoretical papers which cast light on behavioral and experimental topics. the journal is also open to review and survey papers on any aspect of the above, where such papers aim to provide an overview and synthesis of present research.

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Editor-in-Chief: Brian Lucey

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