Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crucible Bright Ideas Event

From RoselleThoreau

As researchers you have a real insight into some of the challenges facing the world. You also have expertise to help solve these challenges. Do you have a BRIGHT IDEA for a project that could make a difference?

Bright Ideas is a one-off event for LLHW and NDA researchers. Your idea can come from within your own research or you could be inspired by something completely different, provided the idea fits within the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Remit.
How will it work?
In front of a live audience, each speaker will spend three minutes describing an age-related challenge the world faces, and how their BRIGHT IDEA can help. Your BRIGHT IDEA you have can take any form: perhaps a small research project, an app, a piece of advocacy, a piece of equipment – or something completely different. You can present your idea in any way that you chose; however, PowerPoint-style presentations will be discouraged.  After you’ve shared your idea you will be lightly questioned by a panel including representatives from academia, industry, community, media and the research councils. The audience then has a chance to mingle and debate the issues before voting on what they’d like to support.

What will I gain?
1st prize will be £200. But even if you don’t win you will gain
·         Improved communication skills,
·         New links with people from around the UK whose research ideas complement your own
·         A new way of thinking about your research
·         Expert feedback from the audience and the cross-sector panel on your idea
Don’t forget someone on the panel or in the audience may also be able to help you progress your idea.

Can take part?
If you’re a student or post-doc funded under either the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Initiative or the New Dynamics of Ageing Initiative then you are eligible to take part. Even if you don’t want to present we hope you will be part of the audience – this will be an opportunity to choose what research you think should be supported.

How do I take part?
If you would like to take part please send your name, university, contact details and a few sentences about your idea to r.thoreau@ucl.ac.uk. We will have spaces for 8 BRIGHT IDEAS. The deadline for entry has been extended until 5pm on Thursday 12th September.

Roselle Thoreau
Crucible Research Manager
University College London

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