Friday, June 21, 2013

Marie Curie Fellowships

Upcoming deadlines for these prestigious awards are approaching. I current hold an integration grant and our colleague Michael Daly was recently an intra-european fellow. We encourage people who would like to work at our research center to examine these as one potential way of doing this. 

2. 14 August 2013: Intra-European Fellowships for career development (IEF) 
This action provides financial support for advanced training and trans-national mobility, for a period of 12 to 24 months (full-time equivalent), for individual projects presented by experienced researchers active in Member States or associated countries in liaison with a host organisation from another Member State or associated country. Overall, projects are expected to add significantly to the career development of the best and most promising researchers active in Europe, in order to enhance and maximise their contribution to the knowledge-based economy and society.

Next deadline: 14th August 2013

3. 18th September 2013: Marie Curie Career Integration Grant 
Marie Curie Career Integration Grants are intended to improve considerably the prospects for the permanent integration of researchers who are offered a stable research post in Europe after a mobility period in a country different from the country where the researcher has been active during the past years (i.e. the researcher has to be mobile but can come from anywhere in the world – moving within Europe or coming from outside Europe). The duration of these grants is up to 4 years.

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