Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pollion - new smartphone data collection app

How can researchers and universities make better use of smartphones?

Programming dedicated apps for different research needs is costly both in the time and resources needed. It also requires deeper programming skills not always available to the average researcher.

Pollion, a new service for researchers, tries to answer this problem by providing a flexible data collection platform for different research needs. Pollion is able to collect deep behavioural data from respondents through short surveys and the smartphone's various sensors (e.g. GPS signal). This makes it possible to collect individuals' behaviour across geographic space for example.

Pollion can also be used for more elaborate designs using the day reconstruction method or simpler tasks such as getting instantaneous feedback from a study group (e.g. course evaluations).

Pollion will be launching across major smartphone operating systems soon. Get more information on the Pollion website.

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