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Workshops and Seminars at the Behavioural Science Center

Workshops and Seminars at the Behavioural Science Center

A prominent feature of the activities of the center is the organisation of regular workshops where research from internal and external faculty members as well as PhD students is presented. These workshops take place in Stirling University and we welcome participation from staff and students in Stirling as well as from other universities. Below are details of the four workshops we have held to date. 

Fourth Behavioural Science Center Workshop: February 22nd 2013

The fourth in our Stirling series of workshops on Economics, Psychology and Policy takes February 22nd in the Stirling Cottrell Building. The workshop was attended by researchers from Stirling University, Aberdeen University, Max Plank Institute Jena and University of Leeds. A range of talks from PhD students, Stirling faculty and external faculty were presented across the day. The themes of the workshop included financial decision-making, higher education, time preferences and environmental economics. The new MSc programme in Behavioural Science was also outlined by course director Michael Daly.


9.30 am - 10.00 am: Bernardo Nunes (Stirling) "Pension Autoenrolment" 

10.00 am - 10.30 am: Jovan Vojnovic (Stirling) "Time Preferences and Socioeconomic Status". 


11.00 am - 11.40 am: Martin Ryan (DIT) "Behavioural Economics and Higher Education" 

11.40 am - 12.20 pm: Michael Daly (Stirling) "Overview of new MSc in Behavioural Science" 

12.20 pm - 1.00 pm:  Georgios Panos (Stirling) "Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning"    


2.00 pm - 2.40 pm: Christopher Boyce (Stirling). "Loss Aversion and well-being: Does a loss in income have a greater effect on life satisfaction than an equivalent income gain?"

2.40 pm - 3.20 pm: Frans De Vries (Stirling) "The Agglomeration Bonus and Spatial Coordination Failure on Local Networks: Implications for Ecosystem Services Delivery" 


3.40 pm - 4.20 pm Leonhard Lades (Jena) "Impulsive consumption and reflexive thought: Nudging ethical consumer behavior"

4.20 pm - 5.00 pm: Rob Ranyard (Bolton) "Personal borrowing and repayment decisions: Mental accounting, future orientation and anchoring effects"

Third Behavioural Science Center Workshop: October 26th 2012

The third in our series of workshops on Economics, Psychology and Policy took place from 9am to 5pm on October 26th in the Stirling Cottrell Building. The workshop brought together researchers working on a range of exciting topics spanning disciplines including economics, psychology, and mathematics. The aims of the new Behavioural Science Center were presented to faculty from across the university.

9.00am -9.30am: Liam Delaney (Stirling) "Measurement-Induced Behavioural Change"

9.30am - 10.15pm: Mirko Moro (Stirling). "Behavioural Economics, Labelling and Energy Decisions" 

10.15am - 10.45am: Marie Briguglio (Stirling and Malta). "Voluntary waste separation: policies, politics and promotion."

10.45am - 11am: Coffee

11am - 11.45am: David Comerford (Stirling): "Polls apart: The Consumer Sentiment Index looks very different when perceived change is measured indirectly"

11.45am - 12.30pm: Michael Daly (Stirling); "Understanding the interrelations between self-control, education, and health behaviour"

12.30pm- 2pm: Lunch

2.00pm - 2.30pm: Launch of Research Center 

2.30pm - 3.15pm: Gary Lewis (Stirling) "Origins of social preferences: Insights from behavior genetics and neuroimaging"

3.15pm - 4pm: Alex Wood (Manchester). "Concern for social rank: An integrative account of money, happiness, anchoring, and purchase behaviour?"

4pm: Keynote Speaker: Professor Stephen Lea (University of Exeter).

Second Behavioural Science Center Workshop: June 15th 2012

The second in our series of workshops on Economics, Psychology and Policy took place from 9am to 5pm on June 15th in the Stirling Cottrell Building. The workshop brought together researchers working on a range of exciting topics spanning disciplines including economics, psychology, and mathematics.


9.00 Clare Delargy (University College Dublin) "Gender and SES differences in earnings expectations: survey and field experiment evidence".

9.30 Professor Nick Hanley (University of Stirling) "Information effects in random utility models"

10.00 Dr. David Comerford (Duke University) "Cigarette substitutes or Nicotine Replacement Therapies? Implications for public health"

10.30 BREAK

10.40 Eimear Crowe (University College Dublin and St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin) "Examining social interaction effects on mood using Day Reconstruction"

11.10 Dr. Alberto Montagnoli & Dr. Mirko Moro (University of Stirling). "Mood and Decision Making"

11.40 Professor Roger Sugden & Malida Mooken (University of Stirling) "Capabilities approach to academia"

12.10 LUNCH

13.10 Dr. Adam Kleczkowski & Dr. Savi Maharak (University of Stirling) "Controlling epidemic spread by responding to risk: Do it well or not at all"

13.40 Dr. Aniko Biro (University of Edinburgh) "An analysis of mammography decisions"

14.20 Dr. Michael Daly (University of Aberdeen) "Self-control, smoking and policy effectiveness".

14.50 BREAK

15.00 Dr. Georgios Panos (University of Stirling). "Risk tolerance and entrepreneurship"

15.30 Professor Liam Delaney (University of Stirling) "The scarring effect of unemployment on psychological distress 17 years later: estimates controlling for pre-unemployment distress and childhood psychological factors"

16.00 Dr. Pete Lunn (The Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin) "A Good Deal on My Mind: Experiments on Willingness to Exchange”

17.00 END

First Behavioural Science Center Workshop: April 20th 2012

On April 20th, Stirling hosted a SIRE Workshop on Value, Well-Being and Decisions. The workshop brought together researchers at different career stages to discuss work in this growing cross-disciplinary area. There will be a strong emphasis on discussing potential future collaborative research in this area, and also a particular emphasis on the interplay between well-being research and research on the behavioural economics of time discounting. Scottish-based PhD students in SIRE institutions are eligible to receive their travel expenses. The venue was the management center in Stirling University.

9am - 9.30am: Coffee and Introductions

9.30 - 10.15: Liam Delaney (Stirling) "Stress and Financial Decision-Making"

10.30 - 11.15: Marjon Van Pol (Aberdeen): "Socioeconomic Status, Time Preferences and Health"

11.15 - 12.00: Marie Briguglio (Stirling and Malta): "Determinants of Recycling Behaviour".
Lunch and break-out session

2pm - 2.45: Matt Dickson (UCD): "Education, Preferences and Well-Being"

3pm - 3.45: Mirko Moro (Stirling): "Environment and Well-Being".

3.45: Panel Discussion on Future Directions in Well-Being and Decision Research

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