Monday, February 25, 2013

Stata Resources

I have already posted a short "microeconometric resources" post. This post links to Stata training available mostly either online or in Europe. Suggestions most welcome.

1. STATA net courses are worth looking at. They progress from beginner level to advanced programming.

2. The UCLA STATA website is justly widely used as a resource for many students. It contains many helpful online tutorials across the range of Stata functions. The Princeton site is also useful.

3. The menu of courses offered by Stata distributor Timberlake is well worth consulting.

4. Cameron and Trivedi's "Microeconometrics using Stata" is an applied companion to their widely used textbook. It contains a wealth of information about how to compute the main microeconometric models using Stataand interpret the coefficients.

5. STATA Press contains many publications on Stata and econometrics.

6. The STATA mailing list is well worth consulting. There is also a Stata journal mostly aimed at very advanced researchers.

7. Baum's "An introduction to modern econometrics using Stata" is a very good introduction.

8. Here is a list of video resources for learning Stata

9. This list of PPTs from Stata meetings around the world contains many outstanding materials

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