Thursday, December 13, 2012

Summary of Vacancies

For those interested in working in our evolving center of research, below are potential opportunities. Feel free to get in contact with Liam Delaney (email available through Stirling page) if you are interested in joining Stirling to work on behavioural economics and related areas. Our current group includes Professor Alex Wood, Dr. Michael Daly, Dr. David Comerford and Dr. Chris Boyce. We will run an MSc in Behavioural Science for Policy and Business in 2013. We have secured research funding from the EU Commission Marie Curie Initiative, ESRC, SIRE and other funding bodies and are putting together a strong programme examining topics such as the economics of personality, well-being, social status and rank, foundations of time preferences, consumer sentiment and other areas.

1. External funding opportunities. We update this when time permits but please check any of these against the actual websites. There are clearly very many opportunities to apply for your own funding to work here. All of these are competitive but many are very good in terms of funding and freedom to research.

2. Vacancies in the School of Management. We are one of several research streams in the school. One method of coming here to work with us is as a faculty member. The university's vacancy page is here.

3. ESRC PhD funding. Details of how to apply for this through Stirling are here. People should look at the Economics pathway, the Business pathway and the Open competition in particular. Also, would be very interested to hear from external collaborators about potential submissions for collaborative awards.

4. There is generally some amount of funding for part-time RA work and students should feel free to get in contact. We will run an internship programme next summer and we will make details available as soon as possible.

5. Many countries operate academic exchange systems and we are happy to talk to people interested in applying through these mechanisms.

6. Students interested in studying Behavioural Science and Behavioural Economics at MSc level should look at our new MSc programme starting in September 2013

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