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MSc in Behavioural Science for Business and Policy

MSc in Behavioural Science for Business and Policy

From September 2013 the Stirling Management School, University of Stirling will offer the MSc in Behavioural Science for Business and Policy.

Behavioural science is a growing area for policy and business with fascinating insights into human behaviour and wide-ranging practical implications. This exciting new programme teaches core theory and methods of behavioural science and behavioural economics and how these can be applied to important business and policy-relevant issues. The course content is designed to be highly relevant to those aiming to pursue careers in business (e.g. retail, finance, marketing) and those who wish to inform the design and implementation of public policy. The course also provides an excellent entry for those thinking of progressing to PhD research in this area.

Skills and experience gained from this course include:

· Core training in areas of psychological science most relevant to business and policy

· In-depth knowledge of the key concepts of behavioural economics

· Specific knowledge and experience in how behavioural science can be applied to business and policy questions

· Sound understanding of growing areas such as experimental approaches to business and policy questions and strategies to enable behaviour change

· Detailed statistical and methodological training

· Ability to design and analyse surveys and survey data

· Ability to use advanced experimental and empirical techniques

· Ability to confidently present research

· The capacity to conduct independent research projects that test hypotheses in applied settings

On completion of this course students will be ready and able to contribute innovative solutions to many businesses, governments and society. The specialist knowledge they acquire in behavioural science will be invaluable in building long-term careers in many fields or to further their career through PhD research.

We welcome interest from students with economic and psychology backgrounds and those from other disciplines in business with an interest in behavioural science for business & policy.

Why study Behaviour Science for Business & Policy at Stirling?

· Curriculum is designed and delivered by academic staff with strong research expertise in these subject fields

· Highly research active and engaged staff

· An innovative interdisciplinary programme of teaching and research relevant to business & policy

· Chance to acquire both highly sought after research skills and knowledge and experience of how these skills can be applied in business and policy domains

· In a single year study eight modules over two semesters and complete a dissertation on a specific topic in behavioural science

· Expert lecturers and specialist guest lectures from leading researchers and policy-makers

Why come to the University of Stirling?

The University of Stirling is located in the heart of Scotland and is set in one of the most beautiful campuses in Europe:

The university has its own sports facilities including a 50 metre swimming pool, golf course, shops, cafes, bars and cinema and is just 30 minutes from both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.

The University of Stirling is ranked number one in Scotland and eighth in the UK in The Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 table, which ranks the world’s best 100 universities under 50 years old, and is also one of The Times Higher Education Top 400 universities in the world.

Who can tell me more about the MSc in Behaviour Science for business & policy?

To find out more contact Michael Daly.

Contact information:

If interested please contact Michael Daly to note your interest:

Michael Daly

The Stirling Management School

University of Stirling

Stirling FK9 4LA

Scotland, UK


tel: + 44 (0) 1786 467417


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