Friday, October 05, 2012

Weekend Links

The main behavioural economics news this week is the launching of auto-enrolment in the UK (see DWP press release). This is historic in its way and aims to enrol up to 9 million UK workers into defined contribution pensions over the next few years with employer contributions and tax incentives.

1. Maria Popova points to the brilliant Jon Berger documentary "Ways of Seeing"

2. She also has a very nice description of Adam Curtis "Century of the Self". I cannot recommend this documentary highly enough. Ken McKenzie used to introduce students to it in his political psych courses. It is a masterpiece and brilliantly expounds on the links between psychoanalysis, economics, marketing and politics over the 20th century.

3. Good post by Crawford, Emmerson and Tetlow of the IFS on the potential impacts of autoenrolment in the UK

4. The STATA youtube channel has many useful tutorials on STATA and econometrics

5. "Mental health in context: the national study of work-search and wellbeing" Important study.

6. BBC article "Investment choices after auto-enrolment". Discussion of issues for workers to consider in new environment. 

8. Preserving Access and Quality in an Era of Rising University Tuition Fees (RAND)

10. The debate around the Finch report on publication access is worth keeping an eye on. Good post here on LSE impact blog. 

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