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Stirling Research Group in Economics, Psychology and Policy

Stirling Research Group in Economics, Psychology and Policy

The Stirling economics, psychology and policy research group launches on October 26th 2012. The centre integrates insights from psychological science into economics in order to comprehensively gauge the impact of economic circumstances and better understand how people make decisions regarding their health, education, wealth and welfare. The centre aims to utilize this knowledge to inform the formulation of more effective public policy.

The center is coordinated by a core group of faculty within the School of Management and draws from many internal and external academic and non-academic collaborations. It is part of the wider Work and Well-Being research stream in Stirling. Some of our current work is funded by SIRE and the EU commission. We are currently developing a portfolio of projects around the area of behavioral economics and public policy. We welcome strongly suggestions for collaboration from organisations in academia, policy and industry.

The center has a weekly 2-hour session to develop work in this area and regular online journal clubs to discuss research. It runs a quarterly one day workshop for researchers and practitoners in this area. It also has a blog and twitter page. Full details of our events and evolving programme available at:

From September 2013, we plan to run an MsC in Economics, Psychology and Policy. We aim to attract strong students intrinsically motivated to explore topics at the intersection of economics and psychology. PhD students interested in this area will also find many potential funding and supervisory opportunities, including as part of Scotdoc SGPE and Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences. We also provide opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers. Undergraduate students also are involved through a dedicated undergraduate module and paid summer internships.

Students interested in internships, the MsC or PhD programme should contact:

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