Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Youtube Playlist on Behavioural Economics

Marie Briguglio is putting together a youtube playlist on behavioural economics. The link is here Suggestions very welcome. 


Rob Gillanders said...

I've always thought this is a song about doing applied econometrics but I guess you behaviouralists could use it too

Liam Delaney said...

Excellent, thanks!

Enda Hargaden said...

The Cardigans' "Lovefool" produces images of a heartbroken behavioural economics pleading with modern macro to embrace it.

Reason will not lead to solution
I will end up lost in confusion [...]
So I cry, I pray, and I beg

Love me, love me,
Say that you love me.
Fool me, fool me,
Go on and fool me.
Love me, love me,
Pretend that you love me.
Need me, need me.
Just say that you need me.

I can't care about anything but you.

Liam Delaney said...

I think this might be turning into behavioural economics in song (which is good). I will attempt a post on that when time permits. Flaming Lips Yeah Yeah Yeah.

"If you could blow up the world with the flick of a switch
Would you do it?
If you could make everyobody poor just so you could be rich
Would you do it?
If you could watch everybody work while you just lay on your back
Would you do it?
If you could take all the love without fiving any back
Would you do it?
And so we cannot know ourselves or what we'd really do...

With all your power
With all your power
With all your power
What would you do?

If you could make your own money and then give it to everybody
Would you do it?
If you knew all the answers and could give it to the masses
Would you do it?
No no no no no no are you crazy?
It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want
Because you cannot know yourself or what you'd really do"