Thursday, September 20, 2012

Note about upcoming events

This note focuses on events associated with the economics, psychology and policy research stream. Our twitter page is available here for regular updates. Please email  if you would like to be automatically added to our mailing list. We will also have a regular weekly internal meeting to which we will invite people who wish to present or discuss ideas with the group of researchers developing here.

1. The next workshop will be on October 26th, at which the new group will be formally launched.

2. Along with the ESRI and Geary Institute, we will have a workshop on behavioural economics and public policy in Dublin on November 30th.

3. The annual Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics workshop will be in Crieff again in January. PhD students in Economics researching here should be aware of that.

4. Two workshops are in preparation for 2013, one in February and one in June. They will be one-day sessions along the lines of the series to date. I strongly encourage people who are researching in the UK/EU who read this blog and are interested in collaborating to think of ideas for presenting in Stirling. The themes of these workshops are broadly valuation, decision-making, well-being and mental health. We aim to encourage work at the overlap of economics, psychology and cognate disciplines. Policymakers and people working in business are welcome to attend and participate in discussions.

5. We are co-organising a one-day event on youth unemployment in conjunction with the Scottish Government Policy Forum and Scottish Economic Society. This will take place on October 9th.

6. Our online book and journal club series will recommence soon also.

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