Monday, September 10, 2012

Behavioural Economics, Psychological Distress and Youth Unemployment

I will be giving a talk soon to an Scottish Government forum on behavioural economics, psychological distress and youth unemployment. I am using this page to maintain a set of links and resources that I will send to the audience for information.


Babcock et al (2010): Notes on Behavioral Economics and Labor Market Policy

Well-Being and Unemployment:

The work of Krueger and Muller is very important for connecting well-being, time-use and unemployment.

Krueger and Muller (2011): Job Search and Job Finding in a Period ofMass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data

Krueger and Muller (2012): Time Use, Emotional Well-Being, and Unemployment: Evidence from Longitudinal Data


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Unemployment Policy:

David Bell and Danny Blanchflower have written a number of papers on unemployment and its connection to well-being.

Bell and Blanchflower (2011) What should be done about rising unemployment in the UK?

Bell and Blanchflower (2009) Youth Unemployment:m Déjà Vu?

Bell, David, and Blanchflower, David (2010). UK Unemployment in the Great Recession. National Institute Economic Review.

Bell, David, and Blanchflower, David (2010). Youth Unemployment in Europe and the United States. IZA DP No. 5673.

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Roberts, Gareth (2011). Youth employment in South Africa and the persistence of inflated expectations.

Coy, Peter (2011). The Youth Unemployment Time Bomb. Business Week.

Banks, James et al (2010). Releasing jobs for the young? Early retirement and youth unemployment in the United Kingdom. IFS Working Papers.

Scarpetta, Sonnet and Manfredi (2010). Rising Youth Unemployment During the Crisis: How to Prevent Negative Long-Term Consequences on a Generation? OECD Socoal, Employment and Migration Papers, no. 106. 

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