Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Links

Getting darker in Scotland with Winter nearly fully lodged. Bunkering in for this year's activities. Students start in a couple of weeks and our new research center launches in October.

1. Six famous thought-experiments animated in 60 seconds each (The brain-pickings site and twitter stream regularly throws up gems like this),

2. Farnam street "Generation Ritalin"

3.  ENHANCING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE THROUGH BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE:  NEW PATHS TO PURPOSE Funding application call. Led by Richard Thaler. Funded by Templeton Foundation.

4. Using Policy to Promote Mental Health in Australia  

5. All the Journal of Economic Perspectives are now available online for free

6. A defence of twitter in the Irish Times 

7. "No online substitute for a real university classroom"

8. Presentations from recent UCD seminar on fat taxes and obesity 

9. TCD's Peter Stone on the principles of using lotteries for allocation 

10. Richard Posner article from last year on the idea of legacy admissions to university

11. Equity withdrawel is a very interesting behaviour. The Central Bank of Ireland have released a paper on the prevalance of this during the boom.

12. DIT's Mary Rogan on prisons and rehabilitation in Ireland 

13. Statistics on IRCHSS success rates in Ireland. #

14. Distribution of ERC funding in Europe

15. Fulbright awards open to applicants

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