Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR

Thanks to Marie for compiling a list of some social marketing videos on youtube. The one below stars Vinny Jones and is aimed at giving people simple, memorable rules-of-thumb for performing CPR. One element of our research center will be to discuss the overlap between social marketing and behavioural economics. I have been compiling a list of papers and links on this post. This is a really catchy video and I think you should watch it just for its own sake. But the more general point is how we think of these campaigns in the discussion of behavioural economics and social marketing. One route is to think of them of non-market influences or even to call them "nudges". But, there is clearly rules of content and design underlying these types of campaigns that form a field known as social marketing and we dont quite do justice to this and related fields by lumping them under a generic term. Some of these rules overlap with the way people in behavioural economics conceptualise judgment and decision making. For example, the literature on heuristics and biases would clearly be relevant to understanding how to shape messages and why they might be effective. An economics input to such campaigns could also help to evaluate them relative to other forms of incentives and policy within a framework of life-cycle welfare maximisation. Social marketing researchers are clearly going to ask firstly whether any of this adds something new to what they already do and, also, whether social marketing adds to how behavioural economics both conceptualises influence and translates this into policy. We have a good opportunity in this new center to keep a vibrant discussion going on these issues.


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