Monday, August 13, 2012

Links and Resources for Research Ethics

I have been building a set of links and resources for people who will work in the center to understand the research ethics process and principles. Will add to this over the year also.

Illingworth, Susan (2004). Approaches to Ethics in Higher Education: Learning and Teaching in Ethics across the Curriculum. The Philosophical and Religious Studies Subject Centre, Learning and Teaching Support Network, University of Leeds.

Israel, M. & Hay, I. (2006). Research Ethics for Social Scientists. London: SAGE.

Pienaar, J. (2010). Ethics in economic and management sciences: a researcher’s resource. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 13(2).

A Social Science Research Ethics website, developed through an ESRC funded Research Development Initiative, on training researchers in ethics and ethical practice provides a range of resources on research ethics. Lancaster University.

The RESPECT project, funded by the European Commission’s Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme, to draw up professional and ethical guidelines for the conduct of socio-economic research.
ESRC Framework for Research Ethics

FP7 Ethics for Researchers

Association of Business Schools Ethics Guide.

An EU Code of Ethics for Socio-Economic Research. 2004. The Institute for Employment Studies.

Resources for Research Ethics Education website (US).

The Research Ethics Guidebook (free online resource for social scientists).

Project for Scholarly Integrity (Council of Graduate Schools).

International Project for Academic Integrity.

National Committees for Research Ethics in Norway (2006). Guidelines for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences, Law, and The Humanities.

Council of European Social Science Data Archives: Research Ethics.

American Statistical Association: Statement on Data Access and Personal Privacy

International Statistical Institute: Declaration on Professional Ethics

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