Monday, June 18, 2012

June 15th Workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended and spoke at the 15th June Workshop. It was a very full day and the range of talks was great. For no particular reason, below are some photos from the talks. Our next workshop will be in October and I strongly encourage people to make suggestions for talks. The rationale for organising these workshops is to allow an outlet for work to be presented at various stages from initial stages to work that is in final stages of submission and so on. It is particularly important that PhD students present work at different stages. Another important aspect of the workshop is to give people thinking of working in our group in Stirling a chance to get a sense of the range of projects ongoing. Furthermore, the sessions provide a good venue for presenting work to people from other disciplines and hearing approaches from other disciplines. For example, it was great to have a talk on network-modelling from a computer scientist and to hear the potential applications of behavioural economics in this area. 

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