Friday, May 11, 2012

Journal club on genoeconomics

The key questions that will be covered in the journal club are outlined below:

What are genes (or more correctly/generally, what are the key components of DNA)? (see pages 62 of Beauchamp et al. (2011) in JEP and page 6 of Benjamin et al. (in press) in the AER).

What are the main approaches to measuring genetic effects and measuring aspects of DNA directly? (see pages 63-64 in Beauchamp et al. (2011) and pages 20-22 of Benjamin et al. (in press)).

How heritable is behaviour?

 What are the core issues in interpreting causal effects of genetic data?

What are the key methodological considerations in genetic measurement ? Why do candidate gene studies fail to replicate? What are examples of this? (see pages 71 to 75 of Beauchamp et al. (2011) and24-38 of Benjamin et al. (in press), and Chabris et al. (in press)).

What research has been done to test the link between genetics and economics?  (14-16 and page 23-24 of Benjamin et al., (in press) and Benjamin et al. (2012) PNAS article).

What appears to be the best way forward in 'genoeconomics' research? What will this research contribute?

What is the role of the measurment of economics preferences in this research agenda?


Martin Ryan said...
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Martin Ryan said...

I would love to read a summary of today's session Michael. Those are very interesting questions.