Monday, May 07, 2012

Grid-Enabled Measures Database

"GEM (Grid-Enabled Measures) is an interactive website containing behavioral, social science, and other scientific measures organized by theoretical constructs. GEM enables researchers to collaborate with others, encourages the use of common measures, and facilitates the sharing of harmonized data."

List of functions performed by this wiki platform:                                           
  • Users can search for a construct (e.g., anxiety, depression), see a definition of the construct, view its theoretical foundation, and download different measures of the construct.
  • Users can also search for a measure and see attributes of that measure (e.g., definition, target population, author, reliability, validity), including the associated construct.
  • Users can also examine usage statistics, comments, and ratings from other GEM users about measures to help decide which measure to use in future research.
  • Users can contribute to the virtual community by adding or editing meta-data about constructs and measures and commenting on and rating measures.
  • Datasets using GEM measures and constructs may be available for downloading and sharing.

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