Thursday, May 03, 2012


"BBC Lab UK experiments are designed and approved by scientists and academics at the forefront of research in their field. If you have an idea for an experiment, we'd like to hear from you."

Prior experiments have examined stress, personality and a particularly interesting large scale study tested the effects of brain game training, described below.

"The Brain Test Britain experiment, launched on Lab UK in September 2009, was designed to find out if playing brain training games really does have benefits that transfer to other brain skills, like memory, planning or problem-solving. We asked the public to help us by brain training three times a week for a minimum of six weeks - and you responded in your thousands. Of the 67,000 people who signed up to take part in Brain Test Britain, more than 13,000 completed the initial six-week brain training period, making this by far the largest ever study of computer-based brain training. The Brain Test Britain study found no evidence that the benefits of playing brain training games transfer to other brain skills."

Results published in Nature: Putting brain training to the test.

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