Saturday, April 28, 2012

OECD Better Life Index

This data visualization tool allows you to see how OECD countries compare on the characteristics that you feel are most important in life (e.g. housing, income, life-satisfaction). You can select certain factors and even add a weight to each aspect. Interestingly, the end product is something like a garden with several flowers, each representing a country. The height of the flower indicates the country's overall score on the items you have selected. Each petal represents a factor (e.g. community), its length the country score on that factor, and its width the weighting you have assigned to that particular aspect. See below for an example. According to my ratings I should be living in either Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Sweden.. though I did apply a random set of weightings and got the same result- positive attributes cluster together it seems!


Lorena said...

Pleased to see you've posted our Index! We are currently working on an updated version to be released during OECD Week next month. We will be introducing two more countries as well as new indicators.

A. Rolland said...

you can have a look at a global analysis of this index in :