Saturday, March 03, 2012

Marie-Curie WEDEPLOY Project

This post is intended to keep track of work on the Marie-Curie funded project "WEDEPLOY". It has been placed off the front page of the blog but not hidden. It will be replaced by a more formal website in due course.

Year 1 2012-early 2013 

1. Presentation to Scottish Government/SGS forum on youth unemployment

2. Paper published in Social Science and Medicine 2013 with Michael Daly

3. Appearance on RTE Drive-time on youth unemployment in January 2013

4. Regular twitter output on the project

5. Co-development of extensive lab on behavioural science

6. Development of a paper on scarring effect of youth unemployment

7. Extensive work with Eurobarometer and European Social Survey data

8. Several workshops and seminars in the area

9. Presentation to Stirling Economics and Psychology workshop

10. Blogposts on youth unemployment on this blog and

11. Development of collaborations with researchers in psychology

12. Development of external collaborations with Gallup

13. Main symposium to take place in 2014. However, talks on well-being and unemployment also embedded into many other workshops being organised.

Year 2: 2013 - early 2014 

1. Development of a paper utilising Eurobarometer and ESS data

2. Presentation at NUIG in April

3. Social Media on project

4. Development of paper based on Princes Trust and Eurobarometer data

5. Paper linking time discounting, well-being and unemployment

6. Development of non-technical paper on policy relevance

Year 3: 2014 - early 2015 

1. Large scale symposium toward end of 2014

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