Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stirling Economics, Psychology and Policy Research Group

I am currently building a research group in Stirling in behavioural economics. The twitter feed for this is I will post about it as we develop. There are currently a number of open advertisings for lecturer and senior lecturer posts that would be very suited to people interested in behavioural economics and related fields. There will also be a number of chairs advertised in the next while. In the next few days, I will post specific advertisements for a number of PhD studentships. Things will begin more formally in September 2012. I would really like to hear from people with ideas, suggestions and potential for collaboration. I hope the group will comprise new hires in Stirling, collaborations across the university, collaborations more widely in the UK, international collaborations, PhD students in Stirling and PhD students from other institutions. I also will push undergraduate internships, summer internships and offer a strong base for masters students who want to conduct their dissertations in this area.

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