Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Links

1. Full video of April's RES session on Foundations of Revealed Preferences. Blundell, Afriat, Varian, Diewert - Includes Varian describing how the google ad auction was designed.

2. Dolan and Metcalfe paper on the role of subjective well-being measures in public policy -

3. Influencing Behaviour: The MINDSPACE way - forthcoming paper in the Journal of Economic Psychology

4. Came across the 2009 RES video sessions. Some very good presentations there for people interested in behavioural economics, microeconomics and so on. Includes talks from Laibson on financial crisis, a session on experimental and non-experimental approaches to development and a session on higher education.

5. Conference on bounded rationality in London December 8/9. 

6. Via Colm Harmon, a summary of the Mirrlees tax review provided by Richard Blundell

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