Sunday, November 06, 2011

Video Formats for the blog

We talked a few times on the old blog about the use of live streaming and podcasts as ways of developing some ideas through the blog. The one on the previous post is an example and I did one in May on behavioural economics (link here). I have been suggesting other candidates to Joe Garde, who runs the Irish Debate website. Its also worth thinking about how to develop the format in the context of this blog. In my case, I have ordered a higher definition camera, which will avoid the autofocusing that happened. Some people have also been giving tips about how to make this more engaging. Suggestions welcome as usual here, in person or by email. The use of the format for roundtable-type discussions of particular policy and academic issues is one potential development. A number of readers used to participate in informal Monday morning research meetings and it might be a good way to get something like that back. Informal impromptu seminars was another nice feature that might be rekindled using this technology. Michael Daly and I, for example, have finished a paper on unemployment that would be good to get an initial airing of.

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