Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Health talks on December 19th

This is intended as a catch-up session for some people working on projects at the Geary Institute or who have recently moved. Happy to include others if interested. Let me know via email. Venue will be seminar room of Geary Institute. Below is very provisional including me having just made up some titles and I will use this post to update.

Geary Institute Health Presentations, December 19th

9.15 Liam Delaney: Intro and "Childhood mental health, scarring and unemployment"

10.00 Eimear Crowe: "Diurnal self-esteem, social interaction, depressive symptoms and the inflammatory response in MDD."

10.45 Sarah Gibney: "Childlessness and Wellbeing in a European Context"

11.30: Alan Fernihough: "The Demographic Transition and Childhood Health"

2pm: Eibhlin Hudson "Childhood determinants of health perceptions"

2.45pm: Michael Daly: "SES, Rank and Health"

3.30pm: Clare Delargy: "Organ Donation Consent Systems"


Mark McG said...

Looks good, disappointed to be missing this.

I see Alan has been allocated 2.5 hours for his talk.

Liam Delaney said...

yes, though people have the option to leave for lunch if they need

Kevin Denny said...

The real question - at the end of the day- is whether 2.5 hours is enough. You know how Alan likes to talk.

Mark McG said...

He's presenting a particularly fine (albeit currently title-less) paper though, so no doubt warranted on this occasion!