Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Blog - Dublin Microeconomics Blog

The Geary blog closed in April as can be seen by the posts below.

I have been talking to people who were interested in that blog about the best way to proceed. Both Kevin Denny and I have kept personal blogs running, Kevin posting more frequently on his than I on mine. Also, a number of us have twitter accounts. But both Kevin and myself felt that a community-blog with a similar scope to the previous one would be worth pursuing. I am working on developing a behavioural economics blog with a European policy focus and I will put something up on that soon. But I think it would be good to get a blog similar to the old one back in action.

From my point of view, having moved universities I thought it would be tricky to keep a blog going that had a UCD institutional affiliation, even if an informal one. Having said that, it would seem a waste to just get rid of the old posts and the link structures on the sidebars. So, having taken all this into consideration, it seems the best solution is simply to revamp the previous blog, keeping the previous posts and links but changing the url and title.

We will post here from now on. I will improve the design over the next couple of weeks but if you are very worried about design then this probably isn't the forum for you! The content will be very similar to the previous blog - a mix of behavioural economics, microeconomics, statistics and so on. Cross-posting from other blogs is fine.

Suggestions via the comments or through email very welcome.

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