Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gamekeeper turned poacher

This is my first foray into Microeconomics blogging: I've known Liam Delaney for many years and I worked alongside him at UCD Geary.

Although I'm a planner in advertising, I also keep up a lecturing and research sideline in Social Psychology so I'm hoping that this conjoint perspective will be useful & stimulating to this blog's community. For me, throwing the cat among the pigeons, a lot of the behavioural economics movement is standard 1950-1970s Psychology with better built models, but nothing particularly revelatory. That's not to say I'm not taken aback by the quality of some of the insights I've gleaned from this revolution in the social sciences.

I'll write something next week... 'til then , v glad to be on board.



Liam Delaney said...

welcome Ken. Actually I already regret the use of the term microeconomics as its clearly more broad as a forum. Will likely change it to something like Dublin "Micro and Behavioural Blog" or something like that,.

Kevin Denny said...

If one wanted to be a bit defensive,one might say "Wouldn't psychology benefit from economics c. 1970?" (if not earlier). Most of the mathematics that economists use is hundreds of year old.
The real question is: does it generate new knowledge?