Monday, April 04, 2011

Blog Closed

This blog is closing effective from today April 4th. Current posts will be available here for the next few weeks and we will update here when it is being taken down fully. However, this is the last post and we will not be maintaining comment sections or links on the blog. This is a good time to do this as I will be moving academic departments and, even though I will still be heavily involved in projects ongoing in the Institute, it would be difficult to run a blog under the Geary label and messy to hand over. I emailed all the other people who have contributed multiple posts here over the last couple of years and this came out as the best solution. We will definitely all continue to post and talk about economics in different venues. Martin Ryan was responsible for an awful lot of the very good information that drove the blog. I know a lot of people are grateful to him for his work on this. Thanks very much to everyone for reading and I hope people who are interested in the topics here will continue to keep in touch with me and the other contributors to the blog.